Top Office Telephone Systems For Small Businesses

There are few things more frustrating in the world than having to deal with office telephone systems that work, but are not always properly functioning. Phonebooth, however, is very reliable, since many consumers do not like downtime on their office telephone systems and therefore feel that they should not have to accept it. This means that you must be able to keep your existing phone system operational as well as being able to integrate new features into your existing system. All you have to start with are IP phones, which are now available from a number of providers at very affordable rates.

If you are looking for telephone system installation nairobi that will integrate with your existing network, then Small Business Telephone Systems is the company for you. This provider has made it their mission to provide affordable solutions to small businesses across the nation. What this means is that you can purchase your system with the ability to integrate your existing network and to also expand your company's reach at a small fraction of what it would cost you to buy and implement an entire new system.

Laptop Supplier Kenya systems are designed to handle both voice and data traffic. This means that all calls that are placed through the system will go through an automated call answering machine. These machines are usually connected to a main office or even to your own internal network so that incoming calls can be routed accordingly. Some phones are capable of handling calls from multiple extensions, which increases the number of people who can be reached by an answering service.

If your office is expanding, then you might consider purchasing a private branch exchange. This system is similar to a PBX, except it uses your existing phone lines, which are switched over to the private branch exchange. You can purchase different extensions and you can assign different employees different extensions. With a private branch exchange you also have the ability to customize your intercoms and even use a voice broadcast feature so that employees can announce themselves during meetings. Know more about VoIP at

The third option in the top three office telephone systems is a hosted solution. A hosted system is a great option if your company has the capacity to maintain its own hardware and software. However, there are many small business telephone systems that are designed to work just like centralized offices, but they are housed on someone else's server. This is especially good if your office will be expanding and your space needs are growing, but it is still cheaper than having a dedicated facility.

The fourth option for office telephone systems is the internet based on Caller. Internet-based telephone systems are actually quite easy to integrate into your existing computer network. They use your existing internet connection as the backbone of the connection. Once you have set up the account, you can simply use your internet connection to dial numbers, enter numbers in the call list, or even make outgoing calls to other people. With the right internet connection, you have the ability to eliminate long distance charges and increase your workforce while reducing overhead costs.

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